10 minute peeling mask

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THE 10 MINUTE PEELING MASK provides an energy boost for every skin type. It’s particularly effective in tackling hyperpigmentation, excess oil production or a dull complexion, without irritating the skin. The aim is to exfoliate and prevent aging of the skin. The mask is multi-tasking because, besides using it as a mask, it can also be massaged into the skin for a more intense effect.


100 ML
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Key Ingredients

These are natural acids that remove dead skin cells. They literally remove a thin layer of blemished skin, revealing new and fresh skin. They also stimulate the production of new cells.

This is a combination of multiple active ingredients, focused on anti-aging. It helps the skin trap moisture better, working as a skin plumping serum. The combination of the Sepilift and the natural fruit acids make the 10 MINUTE PEELING MASK a quickly active and effective product.

How to use at home

THE 10 MINUTE PEELING MASK is a true multi-tasker and can be used in different ways. Apply it as a facial mask, 2 to 6 times a week, or massage it into the skin for a more intense effect. It is best used before THE CLEAN-UP MUD MASK or THE LEAVE-ON BEAUTIFYING MASK. However, one thing is for sure, it is a must-have for everyone!

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